Nattu chantha (“kalarppillatha karuthal”)

The Village Market works in the heart of Mannarkkad town near the Head Post office. Two PWD Roads touches it on both sides and here it has 60 cents of land. It has a space of 23,000 sq.ft. including the ground floor and underground.

The scheme aims to help the farmers to store, preserve and sell their produce and thereby give a new life to agricultural sector and food safety.

The Bank collects the Food produce from the locality and outside and distributes to consumers without losing qualities. The Bank arranges a good market for farmers for their fruits and livestock and saves them from the exploitation of the intermediaries. The Bank arranges for all the people of all kinds with necessary things such as fish, egg, vegetables, milk and spices. The village market also aims at the wholesale of agricultural produce of the locality to save farmers from the intermediaries.

We feel proud and at the same time humble to project that the Bank is a role model for financial institutions in matters of avenues of social service, banking service and services in the varied and variegated ranges of citizens’ life. We vouchsafe that we shall always abide by honesty, sincerity and social commitment.

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