Recurring Deposit


Customers can facilitate the bank’s policy of opening a Recurring Deposit account by investing a precise amount on monthly basis respective to a fixed rate of return. Our RD services are bound into a fixed term, as once it expires the primary amount together with the interest earned during the term will be paid back to the customer. The RD account enables the aspect of obligation to save the high rates of interest which rely on Term Deposits together with liquidity to initiate the savings any time. The major detail of the Recurring deposit is demanding the fixed rate of return which does not comprise the protection against inflation.

The major objective in initiating a Recurring Deposit account binds as the depositor gets liberalized to gather the amount in fixed monthly terms to enable the customer to come across an anticipated liability /obligation following the expiration of the term.


The Bank reserves the right to alter, amend, rescind the rules from time to time.

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