MMBS (Members Mutual Benefit Scheme)


MRSCB enacts impressive MMBS schemes in the bank in alliance with varied sala as mentioned below which has modest conditions and loan faculties to it. It can generate customers to invest their money wisely with futuristic benefits. The requirements to initiate the program will be noticed soon. Contact:9447226251 for more inquiries.

Minimum requirement for opening an account

Starting Soon MMBS (Chitty)

Installment Amount Duration Sala
25000 40 10 Lakhs
20000 25 5 Lakhs
12500 40 5 Lakhs
10000 40 4 Lakhs
10000 100 10 Lakhs
5000 100 5 Lakhs
8000 50 4 Lakhs
5000 60 3 Lakhs
2500 40 1 Lakhs

The Bank reserves the right to alter, amend, rescind the rules from time to time.

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