Fixed Deposit


We offer trusted term deposit faculties to our clients. Once the client acquaints a Fixed deposit account, he/she is gathered to deposit a specific amount of money for a restricted time phase with an alliance to a fixed rate of interest. The maturity period warrants the rate of interest for the client’s fixed deposits.

Our service has its trust for extending the adaptability of the maturity period between the phase of 15 days to 5 years. The minimum deposit amount against each fixed deposit account is Rs. 1000 as there's no restriction for the upper limit. The client can easily access the facilities of Loan/overdraft to their fixed deposits. The client can also appeal and claim the deposit money as per the permissible withdrawal clause of the bank.

Minimum requirement for opening an account

Every person who has contended with all KYC documents is authorized by the bank (With valid id cards pancards etc). Other regulations have a reliance on Co-operative societies, a registered trust, institutions, and associations with two or more persons with their joint names, with a guardian to whom the person is related approved by the bank to aid the minor.

Minimum Deposit Rs.1000/-
Loan Againist Deposits 90% loan against deposit is attainable.



TERM DEPOSIT RECEIPT : The Bank will issue a receipt in favour of the depositor /s showing the amount deposited, the period for which the deposit is accepted, maturity date and maturity amount.

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