Kudumbasree SHG Loan

As a welfare organization, Kudumbasree is acknowledged for its excellence into 414 tributaries and the marking of 4964 members and renovates an alliance with the bank by fostering its services locally. The responsible crew acquaints and encourages mission and programs that bind vegetable farming, cow farming, self-employment, poultry farming, and other small-scale labors that mature with the feed of bank loans. The aim of the bank is to improve the lives of women by encouraging them to generate an individual income and thereby empower them to aspire them desirable to society. The bank also acts as the nexus that ordains network the network of financial aid to women, the program has fulfilled the relevance in the industry with an amount of 3202 lakhs in the criteria of loan availability of the last fiscal year.


  • maximum amount
  • Rs.10.00 Lakhs To Individuals
  • Eligibility
  • Kudumbasree Groups in Mannarkkad Muncipality and Thenkara Grama Panchayath
  • Interest rate
  • 9%
  • Repayment
  • Up To 60 Months
  • sureties
  • Group Members Surety

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