EK Nayanar Memmorial Neethi Medical Center

Life saving drugs are being retailed at a discount of 10% to 30%. With avowed commitment to the society at large ,the building that previously housed the bank till 2011 has been decided to be re-established into a much expanded Neethi Medical Center and as such a detailed proposal was chartered and presented to the Government for permission. Together with this ,out of 80 lakh rupees set apart from profits 2012-13, a modern medical laboratory is in the offing.

In the neethi medical center the following services and the facilities are available with moderate rate and high quality.

USG 3D/4D Scan
At UDS we have continued to invest in the very best technology to make sure all our patients are offered a superb service in all areas of pregnancy scanning, including: 3D and 4D Scans, Ultrasound scans, Obstetric scans and Fetal scans. Our highly-trained team keep abreast of all the latest techniques and applications and are widely regarded as some of the very best in the ultrasound profession.
A fully automated five part differential Hematology analyzer with capability to conduct 55 tests per hr and a semi automated 3 part white cell differential equipment with range 20 tests per hr have been installed in the Hematology department.
•Micro Biology
In the Micro-biology department, Automated cultural and sensitivity equipment with all modern amenities, has been installed. To cater to modern essential medical requirements in the fields of HIV, HBSAG, HCV, Hormone tests, Cancer Mark tests etc. we have facilitated Elisa Reader and automated immune assessment programmes to the range of 20 tests per hr.
•Digital X-Ray
Provisions for Digital X-Ray with modern sophistications and precisions are there and a 300 Mas Convention Digital X ray is at the call of the patients. X-ray with CD provisions can also be sought for.
Under the auspices and co-operation of the Narayanalaya Hrudayalaya Bangalore, ECG with cardiology report is provided here. Experts of the Hrudayalaya scrutinize the ECG and is accorded to the patient with the report of the experts. Only a nominal fee of Rs.50 is being charged from the patient for this.
•Dialysis Unit
The Bank is running a well equipped Dialysis Unit which faclitates5 dialysis at a time and 15 dialysis in day. Also propose to open 2 additional units for +ve cases.
A well equipped physiotherapy unit is also working under Neethi Medical Centre.
•Speech therapy
Speech therapy unit is dedicated to helping adult or child improve communication skills in all environments. Sessions are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual. Therapy materials are used to stimulate speech development during each treatment session.
•Ortho Clinic
A well equipped Ortho clinic is working under Neethi Medical Centre with a well experienced Ortho Surgeon.
•Homoeo Clinic
Provides of homeopathic treatment and medicines for patients. Service of two qualified doctors available in clinic
•Dental Clinic
A dental clinic with all modern equipments is working under Neethi Medical Centre. Service of specialised and skiled Doctor are available on advance bookining.

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